New Sporting Range from Islay Wines!Order from November 2nd for a unique Xmas present for that sporting enthusiast in your family

Our unique Sporting Range of 3 of our wines! Our Barley (Teal, 14.3%) Bramble (Woodcock, 14%),   and Rhubarb (Pheasant, 15%) wine bottles are adorned with labels, depicting the beautiful work of well-known sporting artist, Rodger McPhail. This is such a unique gift to sporting enthusiastists! After spending a day out in the fresh air, what could be better to accompany your evening meal with one or two bottles of these wonderful wines! 

           ​ Dir ect Ordering!
Phone 01496 302353, email [email protected] or email us through our facebook to place your orders. We will work out P&P!



Direct Ordering! Phone us on 01496 302353, email [email protected] or message us through our facebook page for these unique wines - we are happy to post out directly to you! Discounts on cases of 12 wines - £120 instead of £144!  P&P will be added to orders - we can work that out for you!

Our Wine Selection​ - all our wines range from 11% to 15.5%!
  1. Barley Or
    Barley Or
    Not only does this humble grain produce Islay's world famous whiskies, it creates a golden wine, perfect with Islay pheasant, Islay lobster and scallops.
  2. Bramble Mor
    Bramble Mor
    The flavour of ripe brambles compliments our Islay venison or indeed a good blue cheese!
  3. Rhubarb Mor
    Rhubarb Mor
    The rhubarb tones of the blush pink wine is perfect with Islay seafood and is a delicious accompaniment to freshly caught mackerel.
  4. Rhubarb Beag
    Rhubarb Beag
    This is the baby brother of Rhubarb Mor. It's a slightly sweeter and lighter summer wine, still capturing the essence of rhubarb.
  5. Islay Rose
    Islay Rose
    A delightful melange of bramble and rhubarb, creating this superb fruity rose. This sweeter wine goes well with any dessert or simply, chilled, on its own.
​​Islay Wines Price List.
75cl bottle: £12
187ml bottle: £3.80
Triple pack of 75cl bottles: £35
Quadruple pack of 187ml bottles: £15
Case of 12 x 75cl bottles (discount of £24) :£120 
​​Cosy up with our Winter warmer with a bottle of Bramble Mulled wine - gently warm up to release the aromas of cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
and star anise.

​                                    Christmas in
                                    a glass!