The Only Winery on the West Coast of Scotland.
Our Unique Islay Winery
Hi!  Welcome to our world of wine!
Wine has always been a feature in the Helen's family household - Helen remembers helping her dad gather produce in abandoned orchards to allo​w him to create some gorgeous wines. Archie passed his winemaking skills to Helen who began dabbling in 2004.  The few gallons made were enjoyed with friends or bartered for the odd piece of venison or brace of pheasants! Then it all changed when Kenneth came to Islay in 2009. Helen taught Kenneth how to make wine - Kenneth  had grand ideas of beginning a wine-making business - Helen didn't! However, Kenneth persevered and won Helen around and the birth of 'Islay Wines' became a reality (she's very glad he did!). The first bottles went on sale in October 2015.

We supply local shops and hotels solely on Islay: Both Spar shops in Port Ellen and Bowmore, the Mini Market in Bruichladdich, Bridgend Stores and the Jura Community Store. We now supply the Colonsay Pantry and the Colonsay shop on...Colonsay!!! The mighty Finlaggan ferry also stocks our wine - enjoy the ferry trip with a bottle of Islay Wines - what could be better!

If any more information is required phone or text:
01496 302353 or 07733257985 or 07495574987

Our wines are totally unique to Islay and compliment many of Islay's wonderful produce like venison or scallops. They also make a brilliant present for family and friends - that's if you don't drink it first!


Our unique wines are made and bottled, in Port Ellen, the most southerly village in the beautiful inner Hebridean island of Islay. Our love of Scottish produce and love of wine resulted in our exciting range of totally handcrafted wines!
We have chosen the iconic lighthouse, 'Carraig Fhada' to adorn our labels. As you sail into Port Ellen's harbour, you will catch sight of this impressive building which has protected manys a seafaring vessel.