Islay Wines - a different taste of Islay...
The Unique Islay Winery, established 2014
Islay Wines is a small compmany, run by us,husband and wife team, Kenneth and Helen Carter! Our love of Scottish produce on our
doorstep and our love of wine, led to the creation of five unique Islay wines, made and bottled on the small inner Hebridean island of Islay. These fruit wines compliment any meal but are equally delicious on their own. We use fresh produce to really capture the essence of the Scottish flavours of rhubarb and brambles.

These flavours evoke childhood memories of gathering brambles or pulling rhubarb from the garden and dipping in sugar!
We also have a hidden gem - usually associated with Islay's world famous whiskies - the humble barley! Our golden grain  wine is truly a king amongst wines, well worth a try!